The World’s Only Complete and Accurate Elimination Diet

by Clara P. Triane, M.D.

       Plants often cause ill health effects to human beings. You may use elimination diets to determine which plant foods you are eating that are affecting you the worst. There is much debate as to what constitutes an elimination diet. A carnivore diet is the only truly effective elimination diet. Contrary to popular belief, animal products do not cause excess inflammation and are the foods to which people have the least allergic or inflammatory reactions. Plants contain anti-nutrients, lectins, oxalates, phytates, poisons and other toxins, all of which can adversely affect our health in many different ways.
       A decent trial of a carnivore diet would be 90 days. After that one may consider reintroducing additional foods, if desired, one at a time, to notice the specific effect. Some people at the end of 90 days are happy to remain on a carnivore diet as they feel their health is at its best eating in this way. They notice the mediocrity of the reintroduced foods and learn to keep them out of their mouths for good.
       Keep in mind that many supplements come from plant products, including plant proteins and plant fats, containing anti-nutrients and inflammatory substances. Supplements frequently contain carbohydrates, sweeteners, preservatives, industrially extracted seed oils and other undesirable chemicals. A person on a bona fide carnivore diet takes few or no supplements.
       Meat is the most nutrient dense food. When people are on a low nutrient plant-based diet, they often take supplements in order to try to make up for what they are lacking in their diet. However, if one eats plenty of meat, the need for supplements will diminish drastically and in many cases disappear.
       I have long been interested in holistic approaches to health and also trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Many Chinese herbalists prescribe complicated herbal remedies in an attempt to counteract the ill effects people are experiencing from eating a plant-based diet. In other words, they prescribe certain plants in an effort to decrease the negative effects from other plants.
       There are some who say that fruit and honey can be part of a carnivore diet. However, a true carnivore diet does not contain plant products and is as close to zero carbs as possible. Trying to eat carnivore but continuing to consume a lot of plant products would be analogous to trying to improve one's health by drinking mineral water from a spring that has become polluted.
       Life becomes much simpler on a carnivore diet. Gone is the need for a multitude of complicated dishes and the need to eat many times a day. Grocery shopping becomes much easier. Many people on a carnivore diet eat just once or twice a day and feel satiated. The benefits of a carnivore diet are myriad. Are you ready for your 90-day carnivore challenge?

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