The Definitions of a Standard Carnivore Diet and the Lion Diet

by Clara P. Triane, M.D.

       The internet is awash with diets that claim to be carnivore but are not, so be warned. As a medical doctor, I would like to clarify what constitutes a Standard Carnivore Diet and discuss the variations allowed and disallowed on this amazing way to a more prosperous life.
       The main carnivore diet that is most popular and most often recommended is called the Standard Carnivore Diet. The Standard Carnivore Diet is based in ruminant animal meat, such as beef and lamb, but also allows additional meats like pork or poultry as well as seafood, and importantly, eggs.
       Any form of animal fats may be enjoyed on the Standard Carnivore Diet. This includes the optimal nutritional fats that come in the meat itself. Butter, ghee, tallow, suet or lard also can be used as needed for cooking or browning.
       A stricter version of the carnivore diet is called the Lion Diet. The Lion Diet allows only meat from ruminant animals—these include beef, lamb, buffalo, bison, goat, venison—salt and water. Organ meats from these animals are optional.
       On these carnivore diets, the Standard Carnivore Diet and the Lion, no plants in any form are consumed. People who consume plants or supplements containing plants or sugars of any sort may be on a unique diet, but they are not on a carnivore diet in the most accurate sense and cannot expect the same metabolic results.

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