Are Dairy, Coffee and Tea Okay on a Carnivore Diet?

by Clara P. Triane, M.D. and Sol Ta Triane

Which Dairy Foods Are Carnivore and Which Are Not?

       Some people who eat the Standard Carnivore Diet also do fine consuming modest amounts (a couple ounces) of full fat cheese, 3/4 cup whole milk plain yogurt, or occasionally some heavy cream. But fat-reduced dairy is usually high in sugar and therefore not advisable on carnivore. Many people on carnivore wisely choose to avoid these foods. The longer you are on a true carnivore diet the easier it will be to ignore dairy foods.
       Butter is a little different from other dairy products. Butter is rarely a problem since it is almost pure animal fat and has no lactose.

Can I Drink Coffee or Tea on a Carnivore Diet?

       Some folks on the Standard Carnivore Diet may enjoy drinking black coffee or tea without any sweeteners or milk, as long as they do not experience gastrointestinal upset or other ill effects. Coffee and tea are plants and obviously not carnivore, but as they contain zero carbohydrates they are unlikely to affect metabolically the benefits of a Standard Carnivore Diet.

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