Tips for Patient Appointments

  1. To request an appointment with Clara P. Triane, M.D., please send an email, or call (707) 210-4700. In your message please include your phone number, date of birth, the state in which you live, and a brief description of the conditions you wish to address by eating a natural human diet.
  2. Credit card payment is due upfront (insurance not accepted). Once paid you will be able to schedule your first appointment.
  3. You will be emailed an invitation to establish a patient portal through Charm electronic health record. If for some reason you do not see this invitation, please check your spam folder. Please set up your portal, fill out any questionnaires requested, and upload any test results that you would like Dr. Triane to review before your appointment. If you upload lab or imaging results, be sure to click on "Share Sections," then "Share" the appropriate sections with the practice of Clara P. Triane, M.D., and "Save." Alternatively, you can send a message from your patient portal with test results attached as a pdf to Clara P. Triane, M.D.
  4. For your appointment make sure you have a good Internet connection. To improve audiovisual quality, turn off or disconnect from Wi-Fi any appliances in your home that you are not using for your appointment. Please ask other members of your household to turn off or disconnect all of their devices as well.
  5. Your appointment will be via Zoom. You can get on Zoom by using either the Zoom app or your web browser. Be sure to enable your camera and sound.
  6. Situate yourself in a private, quiet environment free from distractions.
  7. Do not drive during your appointment.
  8. Have pen and paper ready so that you can take notes.
  9. Call in to your appointment a few minutes early.
  10. If Dr. Triane recommends that you have additional blood tests done, you may consider using Own Your Labs, a reasonably priced lab discounter through which you can order metabolic health tests for yourself. Use code TRIANEMD to receive a 5% discount off your lab order. When combined with the 10% Citizen Science discount code CSD, you can receive a total of 15% off. At the end of the order process, you will be able to set up an appointment at a local Labcorp for your blood draw. (Dr. Triane does not receive financial compensation for suggesting Own Your Labs.) 

Let's get really healthy! Hope to see you soon!

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