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       "Dr. Clara has a great way of taking the time to hear your concerns and addresses them. She is excellent at providing small steps to reach a higher goal of metabolic health. She addresses all aspects of nutrition health and includes exercise recommendations. She is good at answering your questions while educating you on how to take care of yourself. She is highly knowledgeable in a broad range of medicine and metabolic related health. She is a great coach for nutrition in the low-carb lifestyle including ketogenic, low carb or carnivore diets. She is also reasonably priced for her Zoom consultations and worth it! Thank you Dr. Clara, I appreciate your positive input and support in my life and my journey to a healthy long life starting at age 60. I also appreciate what you have done for my husband and how he has become energetic, and for the first time in his life his blood pressure is under control and is almost completely off his medications! He is also looking a lot younger and fit!" 

—H.S., Coarsegold, CA


       "I've been working with Dr. Triane for 5 months now with excellent progress. Working with Dr. Triane has been helpful on so many levels; from understanding my body and health, making changes in the right direction, seeing in real time the results I was looking for (from blood work to physique), and gaining the confidence to continue the diet and lifestyle I am creating. Dr. Triane's responsiveness to my questions is unparalleled by others, her up-to-date skills and knowledge are always growing, and her understanding yet inquisitive nature has been everything I've needed to help me make the best choices I can for my health. I can honestly say that Dr. Triane has been the best doctor I've ever worked with; hands down."

—N.B., Livingston, MT 


       "Dr. Triane is very knowledgeable about low-carb/ketogenic diets and how eating this way affects your metabolism and blood work, and she is able to explain clearly in the context of low carb diets what readings are normal and what things you still need to work on. Working with Dr. Triane is refreshing because she sets up a true dialogue with you. I found her to be exceptionally responsive to emails, punctual, and professional and very approachable and easy to talk to. Dr. Triane makes you feel like you have a friendly, knowledgeable partner working with you on your health. During our appointment she spent well over one hour with me asking me questions about and evaluating my diet and lifestyle, going over my blood test results, explaining what things meant, and making helpful suggestions for how I could make positive changes. Highly recommend."

—H.R., San Francisco, CA


       "I have worked with Dr Clara on my weight loss and health goals. Dr Clara gave me the information, confidence, guidance and accountability to make concrete progress. Previous to working with Dr Clara I was inconsistent and not confident on what strategies to use and found conflicting information leaving me without a pathway to make clear progress. Working with Dr Clara for just 3 sessions helped set me in the right direction and I am seeing results right away."

—I.N., Morgan Hill, CA


       "Dr. Clara is extremely helpful in her knowledge of the healing that carnivore offers especially for healing type 2 diabetes. I’m following all her ideas and information and it has been working very well and am so happy with the results. I highly recommend her if you are new to this WOE or even after 5 years of being keto/carnivore as she helped tweak things to work better and encourages me for better compliance and time restriction eating which works best for me and my personal health and well being. Many thanks that I’m back in balance and realize where I was adding too many carbs. Thank you so much. 😊" 

—C.H.,  Antioch, CA 


       "When Dr.  Clara P. Triane began helping me with my health I was overweight and had been diagnosed with ocular migraines, the early stages of macular degeneration, degenerative joint disease in my right hip and knee. Through following Dr. Triane’s advice on my diet, exercise and supplementation, I have not had an ocular migraine for the past year, my ophthalmologist no longer finds signs of macular degeneration, and I rarely have any pain in my hip or knee. When I follow Dr. Triane’s recommendations, I find I lose weight and feel much better. Thank you, Dr. Triane, for helping my body heal."

—M.M., Spring Hill, FL


       "Finding a doctor that understands the extreme impact of dietary choices on health is difficult, perhaps near impossible especially in northern California. If you choose keto, low-carb, ketovore, or carnivore you need a doctor that understands the implications of this diet on your health, and the impacts to your lab tests. Are you sick, need a statin, or the numerous other medications you potentially take? OR can dietary changes allow you to break free of many medications and enjoy a level of health you may not have experienced in years? Dr Triane will help you zero in on your diet and the things that can improve with changes in your eating and living. She has a wholistic approach to medicine and will take ample amounts of time to guide you through how to address medical issues you may be facing such as hypertension, inflammation, adverse drug reactions, and weight control. I highly recommend anyone struggling with medical issues, issues that continue without improvement even when you try to follow your current doctors’ advice talk to Dr Triane. The likely outcome of working with her is your medical health greatly improved, including weight control, and an improved attitude towards life."

—J.F., Benicia, CA


       "Hello fellow Health Champions! If you’re reading this review, you’re probably in search of a low carb Doctor, just as I was in late 2022. You found a great one to help guide you along your journey to better health! I had started on my own eating a low carb high fat diet. I worked my way to doing OMAD most days. Eating just one meal a day. I had also stopped taking a statin. My primary care doctor was not happy, wasn’t sure about me going to a low carb diet and definitely wasn’t happy with me stopping my statin.

       I felt fine, healthier than I had felt in about 20 years. More energy than I could remember ever having. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t on my way to having a bad day. I found this wonderful doctor on a site called "find a low carb doctor" that’s where I found Clara P. Triane. After sending in all my labs, filled out the health history form etc. I had my Zoom appointment with her. It was to be about a 45 minute appointment. Which would have been the longest doctor appointment I ever had. She was so detailed covering what I had been doing, what I should add doing to stay on my health journey, my visit ended just under 2hrs. I couldn’t be happier I found this wonderful doctor.

       One last note, just had another physical completed by my primary care doctor. She agrees now I don’t need to take statin, says the same thing Dr. Clara told me after her appointment, just keep doing what you’re doing!"

—R.H., Orangevale, CA 


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