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Dr. Clara P. Triane,
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Doctor Clarity

Clara P. Triane, M.D.


       The biggest thing you could do to positively impact your health would probably be to switch to the natural ancestral human diet. Dr. Clara P. Triane is here to guide you regarding the best way to eat for optimum health.

       Clara P. Triane, M.D., AKA Doctor Clarity, is a Board-certified Family Medicine physician in California with 26 years of clinical experience with thousands of patients. Dr. Triane received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Stanford University and her M.D. degree from University of California, San Francisco. 

       In a virtual consultation on Zoom for Healthcare you will learn exactly what to do to eat a delicious, satisfying low carbohydrate ketogenic diet to prevent, improve and reverse many conditions, even some you may not know you have. These may include obesity, hypertension, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, digestive disorders, fatty liver, musculoskeletal problems, skin conditions, autoimmune diseases and plenty more. Whether you are of European, Asian, Latino or African descent, you are quite probably eating the wrong diet making you susceptible to these problems.

       This is a permanent way of bringing your life to a whole new level. Dr. Triane's goal is to show you how to optimize your metabolic health without unnecessary drugs. This is the latest in dietary science. All the while you’ll be enjoying the natural, healing and fulfilling diet that human beings are meant to eat. Let Dr. Triane inspire you to full health with a new keto attitude.

Clara P. Triane at age 53  

Doctor Clarity Triane

       Every one of us for decades has been inundated with anti-scientific platitudes regarding the superiority of plant-based, calorie-counting, anti-saturated fat diets. These diets now have been determined to be suboptimal, if not outright harmful. It is important that we rethink what we eat and return to the natural meat-based diet.

       Chances are you are coming to Dr. Clara P. Triane because you are having a realization that there is something off, incomplete and unsatisfying about our modern high carbohydrate, anti-animal sourced diets. Our ancestors didn't eat high carb, low fat diets like sickly people do today. Our bodies are not able to thrive on a plant-based diet. By skillfully adopting a natural whole food diet with the optimal amount of carbohydrates, many people are enjoying better health than they have had in years, with vitality and youthfulness beyond what they thought possible. Not only can they achieve and maintain their ideal body composition and shape but also experience significantly enhanced energy and mental clarity. Having the right diet along with proper exercise can improve one's entire life! Patients on a low carbohydrate ketogenic or carnivore diet often can reduce or discontinue many of their prescription medications. Dr. Triane will work alongside your regular doctor to ensure that this is done in the best manner. She will also review your recent labwork and may recommend other lab tests you have not yet had done in order to better evaluate your metabolic health. 

       Pricing: New patient package is a total of $550 for the first three virtual consultations (best value). The first appointment usually lasts 45-75 minutes and subsequent appointments, 25-45 minutes. Additional follow-up appointments after the first three are only $135 each. For those who prefer a single consultation: $350. Credit card payment upfront is required; insurance is not accepted. All prices subject to change. You must be a resident of California. Let Dr. Triane help you optimize your health . . . for life! Please note that Dr. Triane practices lifestyle medicine and does not in any way take the role of your primary care physician.

       Rescheduling/Cancellation Policy: Any requests to reschedule or cancel an appointment must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment time. Refunds will not be given if requests to reschedule or cancel are received less than 24 hours in advance. Refunds are subject to a $20.00 service fee. 

       To request a consultation with Dr. Clara P. Triane, please send an email or call (707) 210-4700. In your message please include your phone number, date of birth, and a brief description of the conditions you wish to address by eating a natural human diet. We will get back to you shortly.

       In addition to being a dietary doctor, Dr. Clara P. Triane is a physician at Hospice East Bay in the San Francisco Bay Area. Dr. Triane, AKA Sifu Clarity Pei-Ling Triane, is also a Buddhist minister with The Lotus Organization and has co-authored two books with her husband, Sol Ta Triane, who teaches Buddhist yoga as well.

       Your health can be better than you ever imagined.

Doctor Clarity

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