Why It’s Worth Paying for a Keto Diet Doctor

by Clara P. Triane, M.D.


Get the Help Your Health Plan Doctors Can’t Offer You

       The odds are that the doctors on your health plan are not trained in the latest nutritional science regarding low carbohydrate, ketogenic and carnivore diets. If you express interest in these types of diets, they are likely to roll their eyes or even admonish you that they are dangerous and unhealthy. They will advise you instead to consume a high carbohydrate, low fat diet. Then when your health goes downhill they are ready to prescribe medicines for you. Doctors who accept insurance are confined to practicing within the "standard of care," which is often sub-optimal. They are unaware of how many people have improved their health by eating a low carb/healthy fat diet. A doctor who is knowledgeable about ketogenic and carnivore diets can help you reach your ideal body weight, optimize your metabolic health and assist you with a wide variety of medical problems, all without recommending unneeded drugs or unnecessary supplements. 

Save Your Health
       How much is it worth to you to save your health? How much would you pay to be healthier than you thought possible? Certainly you would pay thousands, perhaps tens of thousands. Eating an ancestrally appropriate, species-specific human diet is probably the single largest contributor to improving your health. Think about how much money you will save, how much pain and anguish you will avoid in terms of unnecessary hospitalizations, medical procedures, drug costs, medication side-effects, sick days away from work. A low carb medical doctor will help you use food as medicine and fine tune your diet for maximal benefit. This will often reduce the need for pharmaceuticals, in which case, a keto doctor will advise you about the appropriate timing for decreasing your dosages or discontinuing your medications altogether. 

Save Time
       There are plenty of books, articles and videos available regarding diet.  However, much of the information is conflicting and may leave you confused as to what to put in your mouth. You will save a lot of time and energy by consulting a low carb expert physician who understands your body and will evaluate your individual situation and medical history to point you in the best direction with regard to your diet. 

       If you go through a weight stall or experience odd symptoms, a low carb health professional can help troubleshoot your situation to get you past those challenges. 

Increase Your Likelihood of Success
       The media, Big Pharma and processed food industry are financially leveraged against us consuming a natural, ancestrally appropriate human diet. Your family, acquaintances and coworkers have been trained to oppose low carb/healthy fat diets. A natural human diet can benefit you in a multiplicity of ways, but only if you do it. An enthusiastic low carb doctor can motivate you to stay on target when others try to convince you to go back to eating carbohydrates, sugars and industrially processed seed oils. If you would like a keto dietary doctor to help you maximize your success, request a consult with Clara P. Triane, M.D. 

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