A Way to Enjoy Food More and Feel More Satiated

by Clara P. Triane, M.D. and Sol Ta Triane

       1) First and foremost, eat a diet based on the protein and fat in meat. This is the basis for eating pleasure.
       2) Don’t work while eating. Trying to read, use your cell phone or engage in other activities during meals can create stress which detracts from your enjoyment. 
       3) More and more, learn to taste the richness of complex flavors in animal food. You can expand your ability to taste the deep nuances of this ancestrally appropriate food. The carnivore diet contains ALL of the hundreds of flavor constituents that we instinctively crave. 
       4) Don’t worry if your meat is a little gristly as long as you don’t have problems with chewing and swallowing. Gristle contains healthy protein. Weight-bearing exercise helps prevent osteoporosis, and chewing meat is weight-bearing exercise for the jaws and teeth. Chewing also helps with the proper digestion of food.

The Depths of Satisfaction: Flavor Constituents and Nutritional Constituents that Satiate

Plant-Based Diets Mean Continual Hunger

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